The Weekend.


What a gorgeous morning. Temps already in the upper 50’s will give in to the 60’s in just a few hours. This could be the native North American summer. Looks like temps near 70 tomorrow. And poor timing has me alone in the store until Thursday. No chance to take advantage except in the morning which is what I gotta do. Spent some extra time on my bench in the park this morn. I’ve noticed the sun is farther south now, getting farther away for winter. Just like in spring, it can be in the 40’s for temps and I can sit on my bench with a tshirt on if the suns out. Not many days like this left. Get outside. Lets look back on the weekend.


Another crappy rain out this morn, had help in the store to do a longer ride too. Instead at work is where I am during my ride window. Not all is lost tho, a slow rainy day has everyone up in the new fitness room painting. Thing are moving ahead nicely with this project. It really needs to be completely done two weeks from today. With opening day being Monday the 16th. And I will be up in Hayward the 13th thru the 15th. Like I said, its all on schedule as of today. The painting and lighting got done today. Way ahead of schedule. Then I work on the media. Monitor, computer and such. I’ll need help with that.


How unfortunate for the trick or treaters who had to tolerate a cold rain yesterday, only to wake up to sunshine on Sunday morn. Took my grandkids out and they were miserable. Sunday was a complete turnaround in weather and planned a ride with Steve D.


Grabbed Pinky and headed out. Stopped for a small breakfast. I made some very small changes to the bike and it felt better. I lifted the stem up a bit on steer tube. Only about 3\4th of the tube is in the stem now. Im deeming that safe.  And pulled the lever back a bit on the bar, lifting my hand contact point a bit more. Thats pretty much all I can do with that but it seems to help out.

This ride kinda opened my eyes a bit. This happens to me once in awhile. Im off the bike a bit and when I try to get back on I think the bike feels like shit but really it me, not the bike. Just so out of shape. My weight sky rocketing the last month. Happens every year at this time. We rode 35 miles and it felt like 100. Everything hurt. Looking back I don’t think I have much more than 200 road miles since the middle of August. I should have been doing that per week. I do have some MTB saddle time but its not the same as road.

My hands, shoulders, neck hurt the worst. Once again just not used to a 2+ hour road ride anymore. And Pinkys geometry is just not comfortable for me anymore. Looking at the pic above even with raising the bars as best I could the seat\bar ratio is way too much for me right now. Maybe when I was in shape it was fine but I just can’t pull off a 6cm bar drop anymore.

I need to find another bike to ride this winter. Crap. Or just use a different bar\stem combo. One would think that would make the most sense. I might be a little stubborn to make those changes and admit my limitations.

I was very sore the rest of the day. Like how I feel in the spring after the first long ride of the year. I plan on a few miles before work tomorrow. And I want to do MTB but it should really be road. Besides I have the Tues nite ride also tomorrow. I work till 7 and will be late but I’ll get in maybe an hour anyway….

That’s it for today.


Wa da ya think?

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