Bike Fit Fail

Yes, I did miss a day. It happens. Busy Monday morn.

Saturday morn was a pretty big washout. 40 degrees and rain. So I passed on the morning ride but I did grab the pink bike and rode home after work. Took the long way for a 40 min ride.

Then on Sunday I also grabbed a bit over 20 miles in the morning before I took the grandkids to the pumpkin farm.


Ive had this bike for over 10 years now and riding it the last two times has felt terrible in its current configuration. This bike gets built with whatever I have laying around most of the time so I don’t put a lot of thought on fit since its a winter bike anyway but I had all that I could take to just do the 20 miles Sunday. I need changes.

I have the one piece bar\stem that I have been running for years but the fork has such a short steer tube that its just too low for me now. I think the cranks are 175mm and my knees felt that ongoing. With my bad knees Im going to go with 165mm cranks from now on. For real. I’ll have to get a stem\bar combo to lift up the bar a bit. I guess Im not getting any younger. But that steertube is so short the stem is practically slammed on the bike.

And the bike is maybe 12 years old. Just old geometry I guess. Its just when you come off a summer of one bike and the next one does not have the seat\bar\pedals even close to where your used to.

Maybe I just need to ride it more and let my body acclimate. I hate doing that. Or do I spend more money on stuff to help out my issue. I’ll ride it a couple more times and if I don’t feel better I change things. Or just order a new bike for this winter.

Tuesday nite ride tonite. On the Farley so no fit issues there.


Wa da ya think?

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