Loud Lake

Huge east wind has the lake roaring this morn. You can hear it a half mile away. I remember when I lived 100 yards from the lake I would leave my window open a crack, even in winter to hear the lake. Pretty awesome. And this is the first time I uploaded a video to this website. I did some online stuff before but never one of my own. Again to show the sound of the lake. Its pretty easy to do.

Also on the way back from the park I saw a young eagle flying past. I jumped out of the car and this is the best shot I got. It all happened in about 15 seconds. It takes several years for them to get the white head and tail. Seeing young ones is a good sign.

Crappy pic but I had mere seconds.

Today is Friday and I did plan a ride this morn but cooler temps, high winds , no sun and no ambition added up to no ride. I hope to get in an hour tomorrow before work. Im alone all weekend in the store. The last few days also. Its such a bummer when its dark when I go home now. The last dark hour in the store is long, even if I have something to do. Soon will be daylites savings day. Pretty much the worst day of the year for me. Dark at 430pm soon. Bummer.

The leaves are still hanging on. Its past peak and less than 50% remain but they are still there. How fast the seasons come and go. Yesterday the woods was pretty awesome on my morning MTB ride. Sunny with temps ultimately in the 50’s before I was done. With all the leaves on the ground now I was glad to have the 4in tires and wheels back on. Just less chance of me hitting the ground and at my age that’s quite the good thing. I already have the 29+ wheelset sold and I have to ship today.

So after three years Ive finally started my idea to have a spin\fitness room upstairs in our storage room. In the summer this room is filled with repair bikes and stuff. In the winter I always wanted to turn it into some kind of spinning facility to try and make a few winter bucks during that downtime.


So this fall I had the carpet put in, getting a coat of paint. I have 15 fluid trainers with mats coming. Its going to be a bring your own bike deal. I will have a big screen set up on the wall.  Playing some specific spinning videos along with other stuff. Maybe spin and a movie. Maybe get some internet for it and watch some bike races. Whatever.

It a nice room for it with an outside door to use if needed. Anyway, Im shooting for a mid Nov start. Lots of work to do yet. Getting some scaffolding to finish the painting. Its an ongoing project so Im sure you will hear of it again.

Get outside this weekend.


Wa da ya think?

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