Back To Grind

So now its back toIMG_0822 the grind. Ive adopted a new posting schedule to help with that. Now I write my post a day before and touch it up the morning of. In fact the time this posts I am out riding. But you would never know that.

Latest news? Ive taken off the 29+ wheelset off the Farley and I’m now running the stock carbon 27.5’s. If the bike with standard 26in wheels I would have kept them on but those stock wheels are taller and lighter than most. And Im selling the 29+ wheels to fund my next build. Setting up a Farley 9.8 with Di2 shifting. Even for a dealer that stuff is crazy expensive. But my thought is I will keep this bike thru next summer and not sell it in spring like usually do with my fatbikes. Remember this summer I had a Stashe but really, this Farley is much better and just might be my MTB next summer too.

I might decided to go back to 29+ with that bike next spring but that a long way away. I can always build another wheelset (carbon 29+?)

I might just swap all the nice stuff from my current Farley, Carbon crank and all, onto that di2 bike.  And build the other bike back up with less expensive stuff. Easier to sell. That’s my thoughts right now anyway.


You can see the 29+ by 3 wheels is taller than the 27.3 by 4. But not by a lot. There would be no comparison to a 26 by 4. Trek has bested all others by making the taller fat bike wheel. Most of our riding is on smooth, groomed trails and the bigger wheel will shine then for sure. A bigger wheel just rolls faster. The dig on the bigger wheel with MTB’s is that the big hoops are a bit slower in the tight stuff and that’s true. Also maybe a bit of acceleration take a hit too, also a by product of tight single track.

But in open swooping groomed winter trails there is none of that. These wheels are made to race the Fat Bike Birkie. Or to rail the trails of Marquette in the winter. I like them. Im used to big wheels and know how to ride them. A big guy like me uses momentum to keep up to the skinny riders and bigger wheels just play into that scenario.

Im out testing that theory right now.


Wa da ya think?

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