Sunday Day Three.

Hayward in general.

Sawmill is the hub of the CAMBA winter biking.

Sunday I woke to the same as Saturday. Only it was even colder. I needed to ride by 10am at the latest as I wanted to get out of town around noon for the long drive back. So I had time and went to the Sawmill which is 100 yards from the Lenroot Lodge where I was staying, also owned my Sawmill. You can see my car’s exhaust in the pic. Temps at the time was in the teens.

Yellow Evergreens?

A lot of what looks like Pine trees turned color. And I thought these guys always stayed green. I’m not sure if I ever noticed that before. They were everywhere. Yellow Evergreen trees.

At 9am it only was 24 degrees and I had to make a decision if I was going to ride in an hour. Again, I only had summer shoes and a few long sleeve layers and that was not going to cut sub 30 temps. Really, to my defence, it was way colder than average. Average lows here now are in the 30’s but daytime highs are in the 50’s and that’s what I brought clothing for.

Anyway, after a big breakfast I again tooled around waiting for the sun to do its work.


I once again drove over to Telemark lodge. I do this everytime I’m up here. Those who know me know my feeling on this place. So much history.  Now sitting still and falling apart. I’m not even sure its heated anymore. Again, a entire post on this if I wanted. Looking inside at the magnificent lobby it’s still like it was left. Still newspapers on the counter for guests at the time. Its weird that I stayed there the last weekend it was open. That was for the first Fat Bike Birkie in 2013.

Here’s post# 1 on our stay the last weekend it was open.

Here’s post # 2 on our visit the last weekend it was open

Little did I know when I was writing those posts that I would be a part of the few who was the last to stay there. Closing the next day.

At 10am it was still in the 20’s so I ditched the ride. I had the almost 6 hour drive ahead of me and I just wanted to get that over with. Also my knee was pretty sore from the riding the two days before. Im sure it would have loosened up and I was pretty bummed about not at least getting in a quickie before I left on Sunday. So I grabbed a drink at the minimart and set sail for home. I was home for the Packer game by 4pm

Thinking back to the ride Saturday there definitely is a demographic consistency to the people up there. Being the bike and ski playground that it is. You go to restaurants and half the people are wearing ski caps. It seems most are older but in great shape. There is a ton of very fast old retired people here. Most likely spending time at the cabin. Most of these people seem pretty wealthy. Maybe up from the Twin Cities or whatever. Cabins that are small mansions that sleep 20. And probably fill them up come Birkie time. There are locals of course. But you just see more of those retired types on the trails either on a bike or on skis. I think I’ve seen more Hed carbon fatbike wheels this weekend than any all others combined. So many of these 60+ riders were flying past me all day. Very nice to talk to. Super friendly and full of knowledge of the trails. Pointed me in the right direction more than once.

Hayward is still a laid back northern Wisconsin town that only hints of tourists. Of course that changes during the events. The Birkie and the Fat Tire 40 are two of the biggest events of its kind in the midwest. Maybe the country. Things get busy then. A much different atmosphere than the college town of Marquette.

The Fat Bike Birkie is building every year and will someday join those ranks Im sure. CAMBA is taking the lead on fat bike trail grooming boasting 50 miles this winter. Thats crazy!

A few of us will be there again in less than 3 weeks over the Nov 13\14 weekend. Maybe there will be snow, maybe not. Either way the riding will be great. I can’t wait! I think I prefer the trails of Hayward and area (CAMBA) and the atmosphere of the Marquette being a collage town. There’s more to do in Marquette when not riding.

So I will continue to visit both.


Wa da ya think?

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