Saturday Day Two

Picture perfect roads. Hayward.

Saturday morn I woke to 19 degrees at 7am in Seeley,WI. As I mentioned I did not have clothing for those temps so I waited till noon as I had nothing else to do…  So I drove around looking at stuff until the temps rose. I tooled around town and drove to several trailheads for future reference. I am coming back up here in a month…

Beautiful roads like the one above. Even the road riding is better up here. Get a gravel bike and you can gravel road ride for miles and miles….  I bet a cross bike would be a blast connecting fire roads to gravel roads to birke trail.

So noon rolled around and off I went. The trails had as many leaves on as the Raven trails the day before but these were well riddin in. Tons of bikes. I rode for three and a half hours and must have seen 100 bikes on the trail. I rode Seeley Pass to Gravity Cavity and back.

IMG_1757 (1)
Thats me going fast!

These trails are laid out perfectly if that’s possible. No huge climbs but your going up a lot and you don’t notice it. If there is a big elevation to get up they give it to you bits at a time. Very well thought out and almost textbook IMBA. Downhills had berms at times. All very well marked.

Fast forward this vid to 1:33. Thats where the pic above was taken in the Gravity Cavity. I rode it three times. I did not fall down.

Out of the 100 bikes a came across about 50 of them were fatbikes. Out of the 50 or so fatbikes about half of them were 29+. So I fit in with the fatbike crowd perfectly. A lot of complments on my Farley 9.8 with Hugo wheels.  Such a small world, met my insurance guy who lives up there and even a guy from Sheboygan who said he saw me riding at our Tuesday nite ride the week before. I got him to grab my camera and take a quick pic of me. There was a pretty big group from Milwaukee also. I rode a bit with a couple from Oshkosh that came to my cross race.

I think its crazy how many people know me a million miles from home. But then, I guy my size sticks out in the cycling crowd. People calling me by name on the trail that I have no idea who they are. One guy commented on my blog. Crazy!

Back to the trails. I’ll just say it out loud. These trails are my fav overall. With respect to Marquette and Levis and others, CAMBA’s trail system is huge, well laid out and well maintained. The loops are huge. Not just a 8 or 10 mile circle. These things go on for miles. You can go town to town on the trails. And back again on another trail. MTB heaven.

I rode a long time for me but was surprised on how well I handled the elevation. Like I mentioned, no crazy ass grinding killer climbs to knock me out. Sure there was climbing but I was surprised to handle it.

I was back to the room by 4pm and decided to take a nap. A real one. When it was still light out. First time I did that in years but I was pretty wiped out. Later I drove to Rivers Eatery in Cable for pretty much the best pizza I can remember.  Top 5 anyway. I will go back.

And that’s Saturday. Awesome trails that I wish was not a 5 1\2 hour drive away. And don’t get me started on their winter grooming for fatbikes. That’s a entire post in itself.

Sunday day three tomorrow.


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