Friday Day One

Raven trails. Minocqua,WI

So as I was sleeping Thursday nite I came up with a new plan. Instead of getting up early and driving all the way to Hayward I slept in an12074896_10207844914471103_5092443160690330835_nd planned on stopping at several trail systems on the drive up and arrive in Hayward much later.

First stop was 9 Mile in Wausau. I got there just before noon and rolled up the the “trails closed” sign.

How can they close so early in the year? I was pretty disappointed as I have not been here for at least 5 or 6 years and I hear they did a lot of work in the trails of late. But I guess I wont find out today.

So I went to plan B and drove the 60 to 70 miles up to Minocqua,WI and the Raven trails. Last time I was here was maybe 2012. Got there maybe 1:30 and headed into the woods. First thing that caught my eye is that they paved a huge amount of the ski trail right thru the middle of the woods. Thats crazy but Im sure a ton of people use it now. And it makes for good ski trail. And saved my ass. There is a ton of tight singletrack inside the ski trail footprint but today it was so leaf covered I got pretty lost. I met up with a couple hiking but being a guy I didn’t ask. I knew I could not get that lost as I would come out on the road sometime.

I did get to spend a good amount of time on the single track and even got lost enough to ride some sweet hiking trail too. Those trails follow a lot of water as the pic above shows. Your up and down ravines right next to water most of the time. I really like these trails and am glad I got the chance to ride them again.

Being alone I didn’t take a lot of chances.Would be a bummer to have to get hauled out of these woods. So I finished up with about a 2 hour ride and jumped back in the car to finish the drive up to Hayward, probably almost 2 more hours.

I arrived in Hayward about 530, took a tour around town to make sure everything was in order,checked into the room and settled in early. I was planning to ride around 9am but the temps at that time will be upper 20’s and I did not bring the clothing for that. I’ll need to wait and let it warm up to at least 35 minimum before I ride.

My plan is to hit OO trailhead, just 2 miles or so from my room and start on Seeley Pass. The same trail that is groomed for the fat bikes in the winter. I fully expect the trails to be extremely leaf covered and I hope I can see where Im going…

I see there are a ton of bikes in town already. Must be pretty much a every weekend thing in these parts.

Its Friday nite and Im signing off. This is really my Monday post so the next one will be Tuesday.

Will see then if I survived.


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