My Friday\Rain?

This is one spot I will search for this weekend. Hopefully I won’t kill myself getting there. But my motto has always been if it can’t kill ya it’s not worth it.

I have all my camera charged and packed. I should be up there and in the woods by 2pm tomorrow. Ive done some research on the interwebs and the Harlow Lake trails is the place I want to go. Those are 5 miles north of Marquette but I’ve never been there. I’ve never even heard people talk about them. I have no idea how technical they are. Im alone so I wont be taking a lot of chances with sketchy stuff. Or maybe I will. Just walk the stuff that Im unsure of. Bring my cell phone. Do some sight seeing….

But all is not set in stone. Looking at the National Weather Service site rain is forecasted from Thursday nite to noon on Saturday. Snow flurries too. Right now it shows a 50% chance on Friday and Friday nite. 30 some degrees and rain is not real pleasant. My mind starting to say abort. To spend several hundred dollars to ride in cold rain is not what I had in mind. I need to make a decision in literally 2 hours if I want to cancel. Maybe go somewhere else. What to do. It would be so hard to abort, the sun is out right now and everything says go….


I hit the park this morn and did not have any camera with so I took this with my phone and had it set to “painting” effect. Not sure it looks like a painting or not.

If I don’t post in the morning that means I left. Actually, if I don’t head up to Marquette I might still head somewhere. Have to check with Facebook to see where I am.

Have a great weekend!

UPDATE 11:50am: I have cancelled my plans for Marquette. That stuff will have to be another day. I am, in fact, heading up to Hayward,WI. No rain in that forecast, in fact sunny skies all weekend. A bit cool but that’s just fine be me. So…. I’ll heads up there to look for wolves and bear. Also CAMBA is building a ton of new trail there so there’s that. 

OK… now Im out.


Wa da ya think?

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