Marquette Vistas

Its Wednesday and the time of week I turn to set plans for the weekend and today is no exception. Ive come up with a great plan and Im excited about it.

Ive mentioned earlier that I had this weekend free. Store is covered and wife is out of town. Last week I went and got a room in Marquette for Fri\Sat but was unsure what was going to happen. I could always cancel and wanted to make sure I had the room if I wanted it. And I want it.

Here’s what I’ll be up to. Im going to head up there to ride but not the rip it up, let’er flicker kinda of riding we do. Im going to ride my bike with my backpack of camera stuff and look for vistas to take pics at. I know of a few but I know there are way more. Ive already sent electronic mail to people I know up there to hook me up. I’ll also bring some lights in case I want to do this at nite too.

I want to find this spot.

The colors are past peak there but should still be around. Between the places I know and the places I know exist there would be at least four to five spots I could pedal to. Now, these are all going to be uphill and I’ll just take my time getting to the top but the scenery should be spectacular. And it’s the scenery that I will be in search of, not the biggest burmed downhill run (although Im sure I’ll hit up a couple of those).

So today Im charging up my cameras and getting things ready. I leave bright and early Friday morn. So there it is.

Had a nice Tues nite ride last nite. Still without lights but that will change soon. Started riding at 5pm and at 610pm the woods was dark enough for us to hit a few trees and miss a few turns. Soon it will be a full on lite ride.

images (1)
I want to find this spot too.

I still haven’t got any lights for me yet. I use a smaller 350 lumen for the handlebar and a brighter 850 lum for my helmet. Id better order some today for the weekend. I do have a few on the floor but I don’t want to pull them without replacing them for the weekend. I might have to borrow a set.

Awesome weather today and Im in the store alone all day with no means of leaving for a ride. Not even a quickie and that’s fine. I have a ton to do.


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