Wind\Bare trees\Pinkie

So last nite the winds gusted over 45mph. I get up this morn and over 1\3rd of the leaves are already off the trees. One day its peak colors, wake up the next and its over. Still some color left but its going fast. This morn was the first day I wore a light jacket to the park with temps in the low 40’s. Lows in the upper 30’s coming later this week into the weekend.

The cold temps will get all the road riders off the skinny tires and on to the fatter ones in the woods. They put away their $10k carbon rockets and bring out their 15 year old steel MTB that doesn’t work right. Most likely mud on it from last year.

And they join us staying warmer in the woods. And that’s a good thing. Most of those riders I can’t keep up with on the road but I have a fighting chance in the woods. Nice to ride with old friends that I can’t ride with usually.

Soon the Saturday group ride will change to all MTB\cross bikes. And instead of heading north they head south past the store. For the most part its all road since we have been kicked out of the woods by the landowner. The beach will be a task also as the water is even higher than last year and there is no beach to ride on.

Pinkie today.

But ride we will with a mix of MTB’s and cross bikes. Ive got Pinkie back together. Its got some 10 year old Ultegra on it that Im not fond of but its good enough to get rolling. Ive had this bike since 2002 and bought it used then. Its been in many configurations. This is the bike I ride in the winter.

Here is some history on Pinkie.

I’ll never sell this bike. It will hang in my garage until the end of my life.

Single speed in 2011
In race mode 2012

So its time to put away the fancy road bikes and have some fun with lesser equipment. I’ll be the first to say I miss Di2. Its hard to go to old used stuff from DA Di2. But I’ll get over it. I always do.

Still, its the best time of year for me to ride.

In fact I have a free weekend coming up. I have the store covered and the wife is out of town. Marquette comes to mind. And that maybe cuz I already made hotel reservations for Friday and Saturday there. Im not 100% sure thats where I will go. But it will be somewhere. I’ll go alone and Im fine with that. When I get a chance to run I need to take advantage.

And run I will. More on that later. I’ll decide what to do in the next 24 hours…..


Wa da ya think?

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