Busy Weekend w\No Pics

pic from last week.

I’ll call this weekend a success of sorts. Saturday was time alone at the store. It was a good day as I sold stuff. Always nice to get in a good sales day now and then.

I didn’t ride in the morning as I knew I was going to after work, When the bell rang to close the store I grabbed my Farley and headed to the park to visit with all who was pre riding the race course for Sunday. And taking a lap myself. After talking to enough people I headed home with the bike and decided to leave the car at the store for the nite.

Sunday I woke up and again grabbed some street clothes in my backpack and headed over to watch the first of many races in the park. I got there right at 10am as the first wave of Citizen category racers were heading out.

It was such a beautiful day. Pretty much perfect. 80 degrees, warm, sunny with turning leaves. After spending some time at that MTB race I then rode back to the store and grabbed the road bike (which is my old cross bike Pinky) and rode another 45 minutes around town.

Then I changed clothes and jumped in the car to make the two hour drive to Waterloo,WI and the Trek CXC Cup cross race. I had planned on getting there for the Pro men and women starting at 330. Sadly, my knee was killing me and I did not even make the end of the Men’s, with the Woman’s racing last. At 430 I had to ditch during the last lap of the mens. I was not happy but I was not walking well anymore. This crappy knee stuff is a real bummer.  I was tired and just wanted to go home. Also I was disappointed the national champ Jeremy Powers did not stay for the second day Sunday. Most of those guys are leaving for Europe in a day or so.

Sun setting on Trek CXC flyover.

So that plan did not work out entirely but still glad I went. 4 hours of driving and 2 hours of spectating.

But that fact I hit up 2 races over 100 miles apart in the same day makes me a super fan. Since Im retired from racing I might as well do some extreme spectating.

At the end of the day I was spent. But glad I at least got out of the house. I was a bit bummed that I did not get more ride time during that spectacular weather Sunday but Im sure I will get out again this week, The trees are near peak here. They never seem to stay peak long. One day their spectacular, the next all the leaves are on the ground and the trees look gloomy.

So its for sure game on to get get outside for sure.


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