Bike, Clouds, Weekend, Knee

Clouds over lake. 915am

Same old. I planned a MTB ride yesterday morn and it didn’t happen. It just seems my morning motivation is waning in my old age. Today I had my borrowed road bike all set to go and once again I get up with no ambition whatsoever. However its been very damp out in the mornings with the huge temp swing the fall produces. Everything was wet this morn and I did not want to ride a $10k borrowed bike in the wet. In fact I’ll make arrangements to give it back soon and take off a couple personal things I have on it.  Time to put the good road bikes away.

I will now bring Pinky back to life and ride that bike on the road into the winter. I’ll put super comfy 32c road tires on it. Or maybe just run a set of cross tires. But cross tires will be tough to pull off in a group of road bikes. And there will be a few road rides yet. So rode tires it is. Im going to run the really old pink rims from back in the day. Those things are pretty old and flimsy so I hope I don’t destroy them. The back one has been rebuild one too many times. I hope it does not fold on me at speed. That would be a bummer and hilarious at the same time.

I’ll get that bike up and running today, ride it in the morning tomorrow.

Same clouds, different shot. 915am

Its Friday so weekend plans are as follows. Small ride in morn tomorrow (as stated). The work till 4, then grab the MTB and head to the park where the MTB race is going on for a little ride around.

Sunday another small road ride, Maybe from the house, then will head over Waterloo,WI to Trek HQ to watch the pro cross races. I need to deliver a bike to someone there but I will stick around to watch the Elite races. Maybe not to the end but close. So its a full weekend planned. Weather it great. Trees are near peak color. Next two weeks will be the best in that regard.

So thats its for me, a full weekend planned. As opposed to last weekend which was a washout due to the knee situation which is not the best. As of today, a full week has past and it still hurts a ton. Ive made a decision to move forward with any needed repairs. At least in my head. I cant go the rest of my life wearing knee braces and not able to walk very well and Im pretty sure the good knee is not going to fix itself. I have no schedule but Im tired of having both knees hurt at the same time.

I’ll make the first appt to see the doc next week to get things looked at. Im thinking February in my head. Who knows.

Its going to be a good weekend. Get outside. Do stuff.


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