Here’s the tugboat US Bill G pushing a barge past the park this morn. My better camera allows batter pics when these things are way out there. Not sure where its going but it came from Chicago. You can see its got a lot of something on the barge. They use this setup to go into smaller ports where the big ships don’t fit.

I noticed a ton of Geese. A gaggle of them. There must have been a thousand in the water from horizon to horizon. Fall is here and they are heading out of town. I hope to do the same at some point. Although I would have to come back a lot sooner than they do.


Last nites Tuesday ride was well attended. I could guess up to 50 bikes there at one point. A lot of out of towners. That will change after the race there this weekend.

After that it will be just us locals and then the ride will morph into a true nite ride with lights after Daylites Savings. Mostly attended by fat bikes but MTB’s will be in attendance until the snow kicks them out.

The ride went well for me and I even put in a half of a hot lap. I had a brace on my knee and that helped a little. So I tried to push hard and when the trails went up I lost ground but everywhere else I caught back up. I was not with the fast group or even the medium fast group but a group of lots smaller and lots younger riders and it felt good to catch up in the tight stuff even with a 29plus wheel. The roadies will always beat me on the climbs but its nice to know I can out ride them in the deep woods.

After about an hour of chasing those guys and gals around I pulled in the parking lot and just talked to everyone until dark. Then went home.

Nothing but work planned for today. I have a ride set tomorrow morn at another trail system. After 700 laps around the local park Im getting pretty tired of those trails. I need to expand my horizons and see some of that coming up in the near future.

No post tomorrow as I plan on not getting to the store with about one minute to spare.


Wa da ya think?

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