So yesterday after work I grabbed the bike and headed to the woods to see what’s left of my knee and if it would even work. I was pleasantly surprised to find it not so bad. While I can’t walk for shit I still can pedal. Even tho I had some pain I didn’t care. It was not that bad. I didn’t light the woods on fire but I still got around. I was a happy camper until this morn. Much pain getting out of bed. It did get better as time went but I drove to Walmart to get a knee brace thingie and Im wearing it now.

Im going to ride again tonite. I guess Im either going to blow the thing up and be forced to get it fixed, which would not be the worst thing for me, or find out that I can just take the pain and pop ibuprofen. Time on the bike will tell.

Ive been talking to several people who have had joint replacements and all have said the same thing. Do it now. Do it now and stay active longer. I’ll consider it. For sure having two bad knees is now facilitating this.

Here’s a post from two years ago. Pretty much saying the same thing.

Just looking at weekends. This weekend is the MTB race here in town. And it just happens the pro cross races are at Treks headquarters in Waterloo. I think Sunday I will be at the cross races.


Then it appears on the 17\18th I have a free weekend. Wife is out of town so I will be too. As the stars aline I also have help for the store that weekend so gone I will be. If I get three days I’ll go to Hayward. If I get two days I’ll go to Marquette. I’ll think about it in a few days… Even if I can’t ride a lot I will still go. I’ll find something to do.

The Farley has been on my pretty much ongoing. With tonight’s ride and then another planned Thursday morn. Just does not make sense to take it off just to put it back on later that day.

I will pull it for some maintenance today. Sometimes Im pretty busy with other stuff that I forget to look at my stuff. And Im too cheap to pay someone else to do it. I do all my builds myself. Anyway its easy for me when Im here all the time. And Im pretty picky too.

Like I said, another ride tonite.


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