And Then There Was Two…

Big ship fotobomb. 2010

I couldn’t decide on what pic to show today so I’ll pull out a classic from 2010. At the time I was not into the big ships like I am today and never noticed the fotobomb until years later. I liked to ride in the lake a lot. I had my Moonlander so far out it I fell off and it floated away. This pic I just fell and decided to take a pic before I picked the bike up.

So, pretty much the crappiest weekend ever. Maybe not that bad but Sunday I did not even walk out of the house. Not once. So that says it all.

My knee is better but not right. Friday morn I could not even walk but as time went on it got better. Today I can walk without any bandages on it. But its not right. I have almost full range of motion but not without pain. I tore something for sure. I’ve stayed off it a ton all weekend and I think this is as good as its going to get. And if thats the case Im doomed for some sort of corrective surgery.

Here’s the bummer. This was my only good knee left. The other one has been hurting me for years, no cartilage left and the next step is replacment. That was decided in 2012 and here I am three years later wondering what to do with it still.

On one side Im kinda like just wait till it falls off and then fix it. On the other hand I should do it so I can live pain free. I walked like crap before the good knee blew out, you can imagine how I walk now. So now both knees hurt to walk up steps. Maybe its time. But I would really suffer during the down time. And Im very stubborn when it comes to this stuff. And being self employed you can only imagine the insurance deductible I carry. During the winter months I have no one else for the store….

So here I am. Two bad knees. Im going to try and ride the Tues nite ride tomorrow. I think it will go OK. I think I can pedal just fine but the getting on and off will be a challenge. Pretty hilarious to watch. And I was just getting my MYB mojo back. Was even considering a race or two. Now that’s all out.

Getting old aint for sissy’s.


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