Not a Good Day

Yesterday. 945am

The white fluffy cloud pic is because Im still in denial. That everything is fine.

Last nite I hit up the park with the Farley. Just 15 min into the ride was was whipping along pretty good and missed a corner. After some heavy braking I came to a near stop. No biggie. Then I had a stupid clipfall. The bike went to the right, I went to the left and my pedal did not unclip twisting my knee pretty bad. It hurt like hell.

After trying to walk it off for 15 minutes I jumped on the bike and soft pedaled thinking its just a small tweek and if I wait a few minutes it would subside. It did not.

Drove home and immediately put ice on it (bag for frozen peas). At this point I was thinking it would be better in the morn. The ice will help with the swelling and I’ll limp a little but will be fine. I should have known better that my life is just full of worst case scenarios.

Get up this morn and I can’t move my knee. At all. The swelling does not look that bad but its not right. I had a hard time sleeping last night but if I didn’t move it I could sleep. I got up and wrapped it as tight as I could in a ace bandage. And I can barely walk. I just took a gross amount of Ibuprofen and came to the store.

I guess my plan is to sit out the weekend and see what I need to do on Monday. Maybe its just a sprain of some sort? But again, I’m never that lucky and in the back of my mind I’m thinking this could need some correcting. Like surgery.

God I hope not. I’m thinking if I had plans to go to Marquette this weekend (which I don’t) how devastated I would be. I mean even more than I am now. I really hope this subsides. My best time of the year for riding is here and Im out.

Very depressing. I drove out to the park for coffee and did walk almost to my bench but the pain was just too much and I turned around.

Just a stupid clipfall. I wasn’t even moving at the time. I had stopped. It was a quick panic stop but still. I as I lay in bed this morn I went thru that fall in my head. Just a stupid clipfall puts me out. I cant even think about it too much as I get upset.

Anyway, Im out. But don’t let that stop you. Just look at the white fluffy clouds above and get outside.

You know I won’t. Let hope for a better post on Monday.


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