Wind, eTap.


Its been cold. Today’s high in the 50’s. I heard Hayward was down in the upper 20’s. Lows here almost in the 30’s. Last nite I went thru my ride clothes bag and set it up for cooler weather. Arm, knee warmers, vests and a base layer. In a month or so the thermal stuff comes out.

The weather is sunny but cool.. and very windy the next few days. This morn I was getting hammered by the wind and had a tough time just walking on the beach.  Which is fine by me as I want to spend my time in the woods anyway. I’ll get out of the store a bit early to ride the Farley tonite. Before it cooled off a few days ago it was very wet with dew in the morning but thats gone now so I morning ride in the woods is possible also. In fact I would have this morn if the bike was on the car but it was in the store. I’ll pretty much just leave it on top the car now. Unless a ton of rain is expected. I’ll ride it everyday now.

So I have this Farley 9.8 carbon frame sitting here and Im on the fence on what to do with it. If I were to build it now, for me, it would be Di2. Otherwise i would just put the same stuff that’s on the stock Farley and that would be dumb.

Also, Treks 27.5 wheels are available to purchase separately yet. So if I build now, it would be with a 26in rim unless I take the wheels from my stock bike Im riding now, and leave the 29+ wheels to sell with that one.

I dont think I have the cash for Di2 right now anyway making sure all my summer bills get paid. Maybe after. That stuff is expensive even for a dealer. Its more than double a cable driveline.

Speaking of electronic, I called Sram yesterday and begged to be put on some list for eTap. I need this on my spring road bike build. Not want, need.

If the stuff works like it shows. Its a game changer. I just might fall in love with road riding again…

Thats it for today. Not much.


Wa da ya think?

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