Its Mid Week.

My bench. 910am

I had a window to ride yesterday afternoon and I ditched it. Another one this morn and I ditched that too. I cant complain when my ride hours are not what I wanted this week, But I did spend a bit of time in my happy place this morn. Was a great morning for coffee in the park. My fav bench was open. Its a great spot where the sun hits but the wind is blocked. If the sun is out it can be 30 degrees and I can sit there in a t shirt soaking up the sun.

I spent a bit more time there this morning to help offset the non bike ride. It was very nice.

Its mid week already and about this time I turn to see whats up for the weekend. I had plans to do my first enduro in Marquette. As I expected something came up. Apparently I had a wedding I was supposed to go to. So since I wont go to the wedding I in turn cant go to Marquette. In theory only. Or that’s what it looks like on paper. If I wont take off of work to go to the wedding I cant take off to go to Marquette. Such is the give and take of life. Another time.


Its fall and the ships start running on my side of the lake. Here’s the first one I saw this morn. Its the Samuel De Champlain. Another tug boat bolted to a barge. These guys stay closer to shore anyway. Not a real open sea ship.

This week I will take ski\snowshoe inventory and will put first order in. Ive decided to do a small order due to the weather dudes calling for a weak winter. Ive mentioned this before but I study the all the info on the National Weather Service site. This is the site the local weather guys look at. I tend to use their info over the Farmers Almanac or other crap like that.

Back to the weekend, I cant go to Marquette but I can still ride. I just might take Sunday and drive up to Door County myself. Or something like that. Something anyway.

Thats about it today. Not to much. Weather look great for the next week. Fall is here and its game on. Dont waste a minute.


Wa da ya think?

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