Friday Riding

A rare non posting day yesterday. I was in fact out on a bike in the morning, and again this morning, both road rides and both very welcome. LIMG_0041ast Saturday I put a 10 hour saddle time goal on the next 7 days and Im happy to say Im at almost 9 this morn. I’ll take that any week. Its been wet in the mornings with heavy dew so Ive been on the road bike. I’ll throw in some MTBing this weekend.

The weather has been nothing short of spectacular for riding. Cool and sunny. Trees starting to turn means its game on to get outside as much as I can for the next month.

Using any means possible. Im finally putting my extra hour in the morning to good use and plan on more of that for sure. I wont ride tomorrow morn cuz Im in the store all day alone to I gatta have my shit together at 10am. But on Sunday Im planning either a MTB day up to Door County or maybe another closer trail system. I need to get out of our local park. After 750 times around that place its getting old and Im mostly there cuz  its close and easy to do. I need to expand to other trails.

Today I have to check in some winter clothing. The last two mornings Ive started with arm warmers and had to peel them off on the way back. The winds of change are in the air and we are heading into Fall mode which is my fav time of year. The temps are cooler, trees look awesome and the MTBing in the woods is second to none.

Soon the Saturday group ride will change from summer mode to winter and then a small group will leave from the store here. Im not sure what I will ride for that. I was planning the 920 but Im selling it now. I still have Pinky up and running but with a bunch of older parts and sketchy old wheels. Most likely will upgrade that ride and use that. Then at that time I can give Steve D back his road bike he loaned me. I’ll be done with that type of bike till next spring.

I really like change. I like when Im done with one type of bike and get to ride another ongoing. Like the switch for road bikes to cross. And that time is right about now.

Get outside this weekend! I know I am.


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