World Cup\Championships


I must have about a million pics of Lake Michigan. I really should go into my cloud and delete about half of them. That would take me hours to do. Maybe something to do in the coldest days of winter when Im here…. But I like this one today. I can only imagine how hard it would be to narrow down my top 10. Almost impossible.

I didn’t ride yesterday but will have my MTB ride tonite. I hope to put in an hour and a half to get my weeks total up to 5 hours. With 5 to go in four days. I will plan a road ride in the morning to help with that. Even if a shorter one.

The World Championships are going down in Richmond,VA right now thru the weekend. I of course had started to make plans to go but bailed when I could not do Interbike and worlds back to back weekends. Then of course Interbike fell thru and now I’ll miss Worlds in the USA. Pretty much happens once every 30 years or so.

Between Crossvegas being a World Cup and the World Champ road races being in the USA on back to back weekends I hear a lot of Euros on social media complaining about travel and cost. But really no one in this country has any sympathy as our riders had to travel to Europe for decades to hit up these races.

Most of the big names use this as a vacation. I heard of many riders bringing their family’s over weeks ahead of the big three races.. ( Amgen, Utah and Colorado). They tour the country. Social media lets us see what they all do. Sagan in NYC, Jens out shopping with his kids etc.

But overall the teams that are not wealthy cannot afford to bring riders. And even countries it seems now. Some countries just flat out could not afford to send riders to the US. Or some chose to just send a couple with all the money they had. Im sure the field will be stacked but quite a few strong riders will not be here.

And that is why bringing these races to the US is not popular abroad. 95% of the riders in these events are already in Europe and can afford to send a full roster to these races. With that in mind it just does not make sense to have any Worlds in North America at all. It pretty much all comes down to money and USA has the funds to send their riders anywhere. Some countries are not that lucky.

But, every once in a while the UCI throws us a bone and here we are. The road race will be this Sunday. Im pretty sure is live on Universal. And if its a delay that fine, I’ll just turn my phone off until its on. But either way you need to watch it. If your as old as me you will not see this in the USA again.

Its history. Last Wednesday was the first CX World Cup here. And Ive not been cycling long enough (since 2001) to remember the last Worlds road race here. Something to google I guess.

Time to go to work.


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