Finally Bike Rides.


845am Saturday

A rare Saturday morning post. Or at least that’s when Im writing this. In store alone today and looking at all the Shuammy 40 Facebook posts. As if all the Interbike\Crossvegas posts were not enough. All I can say is I wish I was there. Like I’ve said a million times. The weather looks great there right now but it did rain last nite.

Maybe Im just doing this wrong. Ive never had this much issues with trying to get away. Its been getting worse the last two years. But its a direct result of me being the only full time employee here. And while that’s good for the bottom line its not good for me. I might rethink that scenario. In the past when its slow in winter I was the guy working outside the store. Im a truck driver by trade and can find outside work easy. When it picks up I can come back.

Then, I will have a full time guy\gal to be at the store when I want to take off. I don’t know… I’ll think about it. Its hard to leave such a big investment for someone else to run that has nothing to lose when you have everything to lose. Its hard to be away. Even a little. I’m probably my own issue here.

Looking ahead at the weather its almost perfect. Cool and sunny for at least 6 days. I will commit to putting in at least 10 hours of riding between now and next Saturday. Starting tomorrow.


My ride home from work Saturday. The long way home.

Saturday I rode the 920 home in its new minimal form. What a blast. Its like a super mega cross bike. Just at home in the woods as it is on the road. Once again, I’ll complain about the shifters (a little) but that’s nothing you have not heard before. Ive been contemplating weather to keep or or sell it. Ive never got to tour on it so Ive not rode the bike for what its built for.

So this weekend Ive come to an executive decision. I called my inside rep at Trek and he is setting me up with a frame. I will sell this bike and build my own. So the ride home Saturday was the last time I will ride this bike. True, the frame will not be here until the end of November but that’s OK. Gives me time to figure out what Im doing for drive train. Of course right off the bat Im thinking Di2 as usual. I love building bikes. I like specing out cool stuff. Its probably the thing I like about owning a bike shop the most. Ive built some cool bikes in the past and my Project 920 will be no different.

In the meantime it will get cleaned up and put for demo sale.

Monday: bikes rode over the weekend.

Sunday since the woods was a bit wet I headed out on a road ride with Steve D. I swear its been a month and a half since I was on a roadie. And it sure felt like it. An hour in I was hurting. Shoulders, back and knees were feeling the different position this bike gave me. It did feel like the first road ride of the spring to my body. The second hour was was much better as thing were starting to get used to this again. We finished up with a bit over 2 and a half hours so along with the hour the day before on the 920 has me 3.5 hours into my goal of 10. Not a bad start. But man was I sore after the road ride Sunday. Like spring sore. I need to ride more.

The pic above is my office after a weekend. The bikes I ride get stuffed into my office to get cleaned up on Monday. A better weekend would be the Farley in there with the other two. But it was a good weekend non the less.

I never got to Door County as planned this weekend, maybe next Sunday I’ll take a solo trip up there for the day. And as I type this, the Enduro plan for Oct 3\4th is still alive. But still enough time for that to fall apart. Its hard for me to be optimistic with that stuff anymore. But I would let that stop me from trying.

Its nice to actually have bikes and bike rides to talk about again. I hope to continue that.


Wa da ya think?

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