My 920 Reborn.

Loaded up for fun.

I was pretty pumped to get this bike last April. I had big plans this summer. I spent a month and a half looking for the right tent and spent a small fortune on it. Around the top of Lake Michigan, then over to Marquette was the plan. I could not wait to take the ferry across the lake. But, it was not to be.

While I did hang on to a shred of hope that I would do at least a small weekend deal at the end of summer that soon went by the wayside. I decided it was over about two weeks ago and did not mind as much as I had the carbon Farley to ride so I would base all my weekends away on that bike.

I was thinking just to put it back to stock, take all my own trinkets off it and sell it. I still have the Long Haul Trucker upstairs anyway.

But I really like the bike the very little I rode it so I decided to keep it and hope next year is the year. As much as I complained about the bar shifters I really didn’t ride it enough to get used to them. Since the brakes are stand alone hydro if I wanted to change the shifters I would need to also change out the brakes and thats just a ton of money. So the shifters stay for now.

Yesterday I stripped it of all the touring garb, put the MTB tires back on it and found a very cool kick around bike,

Stripped down for fun.

I just might ride this bike now. Its perfect for winter riding and I will use it on the winter group rides when everyone else has MTB’s. I’ll still have to deal with the bar end shifters but I’ll give it a try.

I have all the racks, bags, bottles, cages and fenders in a big box upstairs in storage. The bag have my tent and sleeping bag already in, ready for action. I hope to put it all back on next spring. I hope to ride this bike more this winter. It seems like a nice bike to take up to Door County with all the mix of gravel, pavement and woods I ride up there.

As far as this weekend go’s if I do head up there this weekend I will be alone. So that’s up in the air too. But I might still do it. I work alone in the store both today and tomorrow.

I insist to get a ride in this weekend. I don’t want to look back but I believe I have about one hour on a bike in the last 14 days. As I keep saying, that will change soon I hope. This morn was rain. Tomorrow morn is another shot. Saturday after work maybe? Then Sunday for sure just not sure when or where or with what bike, But it does not matter, any bike will do.

Its been over a month since I was on a road bike. Thats four weeks. And now with the 920 revamped I might not ride a road bike at all this Fall. Well, maybe a little.

Get outside this weekend.


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