I talk real big about the extra time I have in the morning. And about how my ride times are going to be going up. Yet I make too many excuses. I had my stuff laid out to ride this morn and again it didn’t happen.

My excuse today? I finished cutting my grass, which I was going to do tonite after work but heard of rain. Thats one. Another is I just stayed up too late watching Crossvegas. I cant remember the last time I was up until 1am. Totally worth it tho, the coverage was good despite a lot of commercials. Again, wish I was there.

So after getting up to late and spending time on the lawn I got a bit of a haircut. I dont need much but I gatta do it once every couple months or so. And that was my morning.

So then, the ride is off but the weather is so good that I wanted to do an extended park visit starting with coffee on my fav bench. And when I arrived to this specific bench there is some guy in a black car parked by it. Ive seem him many times in the park. Just sits in his car doing something that Im not sure of. Its creepy. He’s not even parked in a spot where you can see the lake. Just in the corner of this parking lot just 20 yards from my bench.

He is there as much as I am. Maybe even stays longer. But never gets out of his car. Like he’s hiding. Today I just passed and looked for another  bench to hang out on. I found one but its not as good as that one. But if creepy guy keeps parking there I will have to find another. Ive seen him there in winter also.

This coming up weekend is another bummer for me as the Fat Tire 40 (nothing to do with fatbikes) is this weekend. So as I endured the many Facebook posts about Interbike and Crossvegas, now the posts will start about everyone heading up to Hayward. And I’ll let out a deep sigh.

I had planned a nite out of town to Door County but I for the life of me cant find any rooms. I did find one room at $250 but I dont want to stay up there that bad.

So yet another plan up in flames. I might just take the day on Sunday and head up anyway. Its a nice day trip. Will see.

Again, plans to ride in morn. Will see.


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