My park visit today was short due to the fact I had to get up early to cut my grass. Still a product of catching up from last week. But now I think Im done with that and its time to get away.

So this weekend I work Saturday but will try and make plans to head up to Door County right after the store closes. Back Sunday nite. Biking, hiking and eating a lot of food will be the theme. I don’t get up to Peninsula Park near as much as I have in the past. Will try and change that. Awesome bike riding up there.

Then, a plan is formulating in my mind to head back up to Marquette for this Enduro. The chances are good as I will have full staff available that weekend.

I have yet to even see one of these races but they are getting popular by the year. The theory is simple. There are 3 or 4 timed downhill runs you do. You are timed on these and when you add them up the fastest total time wins. The runs are considered downhill but there is a little pedaling needed for the rollers. Its kinda like a downhill race for regular riders. You dont need a crazy 12 inches of suspension. In fact I would do it on my Farley.

And here’s a thing. You have to ride up to the next section. Most of the time a grinding climb but you are not timed on that so can go slow. However, you do have a time limit to do this. You can’t do a run and wait an hour to do the next one. You need to do them one after another. I think I can handle that. Overall it would be a lot of climbing for me but I’ll just throw the bike in granny gear and climb at a little faster than a walk. Again, you have a time limit to complete the runs but the rides up to them do not count. Just the downs.

I just want to give one a try. There is really no chance of one of these near my town as we just don’t have the elevation needed to do so. And I don’t really need much of an excuse to go to Marquette. And I go downhill way better than up. Who knows? This might pull me out of retirement from racing…..

Heres a short video about the event.

I’ll start the planning today!


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