No Vegas

Im a bit down today. My bi-yearly trip to Interbike in Vegas is not happening. I go every other year with the off year spent in Hayward at the Fat Tire 40. Im doing neither.

For Vegas, I would leave on the Tuesday (today), spend Wednesday at the show, hit Crossvegas Wednesday nite and spent the next two day sight seeing. With Crossvegas being the high point of the week. This year is a UCI WorldCup race and the first of its kind in the US. And Im going to miss it.

Entering Cross Vegas in 2013

If you told me I could attend only one bike race in a year it would be this one. Ive been there 4 times now. Its pretty exiting to see all the CX stars. Even more so now that its a Cup race. But… things did not work out covering the store for 4 days and I knew that a month ago. Its just hitting me today as I should be on my way to the airport.


Interbike itself is not the reason I go. Its the race and the sight seeing. And by sight seeing I dont mean Vegas. After spending maybe four hours at the show Im ready to leave. Too big. Too many people. We get there on Wednesdays before noon and by mid afternoon we are out for lunch than then to the park for the race, never to return to the show itself.

Crappy phone pic. 200 bikes racing at once!

Then after the race on Wednesday we plan our escape from Vegas. One year we went to Zion National Park, another year we went to Death Valley.

And then fly home on Friday. On the off year I always did the Shuammy 40. Since I had plans for Vegas I did not send in a entry this spring so Im out. And on a weekend that Ive been gone for the last 9 years I will be home.

A ride thru Red Rock Canyon is a must every year Im there…

Heres a post from the year we went to Zion.

The year of Death Valley.

And the last time I was there in 2013.

But Im still heading into Fall and I will do my best to make good of it. I stripped down my 920 for winter riding (if I keep it) so any touring is out. Instead, another trip to Marquette and a few other small mini vaca’s to make up for some lost time. Tonite its the Tuesday MTB ride so I’ll hit that up for sure. And I will start maintaining a couple morning rides before work per week.

And as a bonus Cross Vegas will be live Wednesday nite on Universal Sports. I’ll stay up for that one. So I’ll still be a bit bummed out that Im not there but that will help a bit.

The weather is just perfect to riding today. Take advantage!


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