SBC Classic 2015

First off I’ll report the weekend went well. And when I say weekend I mean the race on Sunday. All volunteers were very helpful, the weather was perfect and the bike count was up for the 5th straight year.

attendance was up for the 5th year in a row.

Looking back, Friday seemed like 6 hours ago. It all go’s by so fast. Saturday was spent (besides working) going over and over stuff to make sure I was set. Like I said, getting stuff done too soon gives you too much time to think about things. I guess I did pretty good as everything was covered and stress was lower than other years ( I think).

This pick shows the beautiful setting we have in that park.

Sunday race day starts early for me and the setup crew. I was at the park at about 530am. Some traveled 20 miles to be there so they got up earlier than me. We organized and waited a bit for daylite. Once we got started we had two crews head out with stakes and tape and got the job done in a hour and a half. Not to bad. The course was open for inspection by 8am. The USA Cycling officials checked it out and deemed it good to go and we were racing by 9am.

Running up “the Equalizer hill”

It was a great day for real. Cool but sunny. I got a pretty good sunburn. For me, race day is taxing. Both physically and mentally. Everything has a time frame. Course has to go up in less than two hours. Races have to run like clockwork. Food truck needs to be there by 11. I do the podium and that’s every 30 to 60 minutes all day long. At the end of the day the tear down it the toughest thing to do as everyone is tired and wants to go home. Still, tear down took about an hour but it felt like 3. I got home a little after 6. Took a long shower, watched a little football and was in bed by 8pm. And did not get up for 12 hours. I was spent. Still can feel it this morn. Most of these races are put on by clubs. Im just one guy.

But in the end I really enjoy putting this on for the racers. Since Im retired from racing its a way for me to stay kinda active in it. While its tough to do this and lose money its nice to come ahead a couple bucks like I now do. That was not the case the first few years. But I don’t do it for the money and don’t really keep an exact track of the financials. I just get a idea that I’m ahead and that’s as much accounting I do. This race’s success is not based on profit.

And while I have fun doing this, as in any race, It could not be done without help. Free help. Like I stated earlier, I’m not a club so all my help has to come from outside volunteers. Thanks to all who showed up. Really, all you guys have the same passion for cycling I do and it shows. And the racers. I realize this race is quite a drive for most of the competitors coming in from the bigger cities. But I have to give a shout out to the few that travel from IL. Every year I have more and more Chicago riders attending. Thats awesome. Thanks to them and all the riders who came and spent good money to race.

As well as things went, I do make some notes and listen to comments. There is always room for improvement next year.  And there will be a next year. I have a blast with this stuff and it would take a lot to make me want to stop.

Im so busy during the day that I don’t take any pics. So I always have to shamelessly grab others pics off of Facebook. I make my own personal album with other peoples pics.

Thank you Julie Gloede Phelps, Melissa Putzer and of course Gary Smits.

Your royalty checks are in the mail.

For me, the store is so busy during the summer, then this race takes a ton of my time late Aug\early Sept. But once this race is over it kinda signals the beginning of Fall for me. I don’t need to be at the store as much and I can kick back and ride more and get out of town more weekends. Its really my favorite time of the year!

And it starts today! Bring it!


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