Odds and Ends

I didn’t get out on the bike this morn as the roads were still pretty wet from a early morning rain and I don’t want to trash the borrowed Felt F1.

Even with my demo bDSCN4772ikes I kinda take it easy on them. I never run a MTB thru a ton of mud. I see first hand what a ton of mud does to a drive line. How many cross bike pics have you seen with the drive just packed full. Sure, it looks like a good time but you just spent between $200 and $500 bucks to do it. So with my “borrowed” bikes I choose not to. To me a demo is also a borrowed bike. So its fair weather riding for this guy.

Took the extra time this morn to just do a few small things for the race. Like providing 70 Twinkies for amusement and motivation. Its the little things that make a event fun. and I try in that dept. One of the nice things about getting all the planning done early is you can spend some time on the little extra things one can do.

With as much as I have going on there will not be a post tomorrow. I have a ride planed with others in the woods. So I’ll be on the trails right up to open. The weather looks good, no more rain. Right thru the weekend. Sundays race day weather looks perfect. Sunny in the 60’s.

So have a great weekend. After this weekend, meaning my race on Sunday, I’ll be in time off mode and will grab any and all free time to either leave town or just ride. More on this special time later. Click on my flyer for race info!

Final 2015 flyer


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