The Waiting


Its Wednesday before my race weekend. And now is the hard part., The waiting. Everything is done. All the help is lined up. The food truck is set. The awards are good to go. So now the waiting is the hardest part.

Did I forget anything? Whats going to go to hell first? Am I ready for all the small issues that pop up? or a big one? Am I really ready at all?

Ive been doing this race directer thing a long time. Starting around 2002 with the local MTB race, after that its been this cross race for the last 5 years. Some people kinda freak out when I wait until what they think is the last minute to do stuff but that’s all to plan. I really don’t want to have everything done too soon. That leaves a lot of time for things to change. And then I have to do them twice. And having everything done is kinda stressful in itself. Just last nite I firmed up my registration help. And that was my last issue to deal with.

So now its wait until the weekend. In the meantime, a few bike rides to take my mind off of things…   The fog and humidity is gone. The mornings look great for riding! Its a road ride in the morning for me. Its been so long since I’ve been on the road I’m actually looking forward to it… as I always do.


Wa da ya think?

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