This is like the 7th or 8th day of fog along the lake in the morning. I had a ton of time but didn’t make the trek out to the park this morning since I could not see the lake anyway.

My two day off weekend was fairly uneventful. Saturday I took the Farley home with me so Sunday morn I rode from the house to the trails. Its not that long, maybe a 10 minute ride. Spent an hour there. The rest of the day and weekend was spent on the couch eating. Monday I did head out to our local County Fair with the kids and grandkids. And ate some more. Not a good weekend in that dept. I need to be a little proactive in my eating habits. Their terrible of late. But what else is new…

So after saying I wont be running the 29+ wheelset on the Farely, after having them stare at me in my office for a week I broke down and put them on. Not sure if they will stay on but I thought they at least needed to be used a bit before (if) I sell them. I’ll throw down a report on that later. I did not ride them enough to garner an opinion. Well, really I did but I just want to run them in a bit more. Really, with the Stashe 9 I’ve been on them all summer and if the Farley had come with “normal” 26in fat wheels they would have been on in a sec, so its not that I need to run them longer to form my opinion on 29+, but more like an opinion on 29 by 3 vs 27.5 by 4. That might take a ride or two.

Sadly, Im ditching the bike tour this summer. Any spare time I get will be either up to Door County, Marquette or Hayward on the Farley. And that’s kinda sad and my fault. I will most likely take off all the bags, put it as back to stock. Either I will sell it or ride it as a winter bike like I did with the Long Haul Trucker. Which I still have. Im just so going to be into the woods once fall is in full swing. And I bought that million dollar tent this spring. I use it. Someday.

I can believe how fast the weekend went. I hoped to ride more. And today with the drenching rain I might have to bust out the road bike. Its been at least 3 weeks since I was on that. A couple of rides before I give the borrowed bike back I guess.

Going to be a slow day in store. Time to re arrange the sales floor….


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