Friday Already


Its been humid and foggy for three days now. It does not take long for me to miss the sun. Its been since the weekend since I saw that thing.

Heading into the weekend I work alone Saturday but have Sunday and Labor Day off with no plans. I’m sure I will sneak in a bike ride in between cutting my grass and hanging with the grandkids. I couple of “do nothing” days would be nice too. Actually I have a thought about heading up to Door County with the wife after work Saturday for a overniter. Little bike riding, little hiking and a little shopping. Just a thought in my head right now. But every good plan starts with just a thought.

After Labor Day on Monday the store starts switching from summer to Fall and then to winter. I stop ordering summer stuff and the arm warmers and wind breakers come out. I put together a ski and snowshoe order to arrive late Oct\early Nov. This year also Im putting together a fat bike section in the store with all cold weather clothing and winter gear. It should be pretty cool.

I cant believe its Labor Day weekend already. Im pretty sure this has been the least riding I have ever summer months. I had just 2 rides over 50 miles and just a few in the 40’s. Im not sure if its my age or just working too much. Or just working out that way. Today its been 3 weeks since i was on the road bike. Im pretty sure I could not ride much more then 50 miles without hurting myself. Let alone a century. In the last ten years i can count my century rides on one hand with a finger to spare. I have not done a lot of them.

Just like my touring, I have big plans in spring. Only to wake up one morning in Oct with nothing come of it. Im sure the fact that I work everyday of the week all summer does not help. And that’s just part of the job that I signed up for.

So with that in mind the selling season has slowed to the point of Sundays off and now is the time to make up for lost time over the summer.

After my cross race next weekend. Then I’ll be good to go. Bring on Fall!

Have a good weekend.


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