Thinking Ahead

Marquette black rocks.

Its a crappy, foggy day this morn. No ride to the park. So foggy one cant see the lake. Its so humid you can just stand outside and feel wet. Not fun riding weather. So Im thinking ahead. About my upcoming cross race. About where to ride my Farley and if I’ll ever get out on the 920.

This aft Im off to the city park to lay out the cross course in my head. While I do enjoy putting the race on its a bit stressful at times. Most of these races are put on by clubs. Im just a guy. So I don’t get to delegate things. Only to myself. The day before is pretty stressed out. But once everything is up and running on Sunday I feel much better.

I really want to go back to Marquette before the snow flies and I think that I will. Now that the store is closed on Sundays I just need to cover one day (Sat) and Im off. I have no problem going up alone. When Im there I dont have a lot of downtime so I don’t get to bored. Now that I experienced camping since way back thinking thats the way to go there.$27 and nite instead of $150. Game on.

Or maybe Hayward on the 19th\20th. But thats almost a two hour longer drive. Now that I have a real MTB again Im looking to ride it everywhere. Im getting a bit tired of the local city park. After 820 laps around its a bit boring. And thats after the 910 laps last year. And the year before that.

Im a little disappointed about not being able to ride the 920 much this summer. Hardly at all. When I got the bike this spring I had big plans. And now that the big plans did not pan out Im not so sure I will keep it. But I most likely will. Its going to be a great winter bike to take the racks off and ride on the winter group rides when most have their MTB.s.

But first I’ll wait to make sure I cant sneak a overniter somewhere first. Thats still not off the table and will get easier to do as the stores selling season slows. I do have some hope to tour a bit. Just not as much hope as a few months ago. Im more likely going to use any free time to ride the Farley.

In fact, I have Sunday and Monday open this next week. I will game plan soon. Touring is out as all campgrounds are over capacity. Unless I find a private campground somewhere with an opening. I dont just wing it anymore. I dont want to end up tenting in a ditch somewhere. Im too old for that.

It seems Im getting too old for a lot of things these days…


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