Maiden Voyage


First ride on the Farley 9.8 last nite. Out of the box it was a success. This bike rips. I am going to ride this bike often. I get to do a Maiden Voyage on a lot of bikes. Not just new bikes of the same genre but new types and concepts. Sometimes I’m not so impressed, sometimes I am. With this 9.8 I am.

Coming off riding the Farley 8 up in Marquette I could feel the taller wheels immediately. These things roll fast over stuff. Not that it was a surprise but it kinda was. Like I said yesterday, the 27.5 of fat bikes is like the 29er of MTB’s. Its just faster.

Once again, just like last year, I have a wonderfull 29+ wheelset built and waiting for my new fatbike and I am not going to use it. No need here. The 27.5 by 4in tire was truly as fast as a 29+ in regards to rolling resistance. So those are immediately going for sale.

Im pretty pumped about this bike. And eventually this blog will go back to its original boring format but I’m still gonna rant on this bike for awhile. Its that good and perfect for me in the woods. The addition of the Bluto fork was spot on. It rides like a dream. Well, it rides like a bike with a suspension fork anyway. But throw in the taller wheels and 4in rubber and its a pretty smooth ride. And Im old and have been on a full suspension MTB for 10 years. The fat bike is probably the only bike I could handle hardtail.

So Im pretty happy right now. And glad I got in on the first wave of these bikes. The second wave is not set to hit until mid November. I had my name on this bike since May.

Yesterday’s Tuesday nite ride had almost 15 bikes attending (so that would be 14?) and it will grow as we get closer to the local rave here in Oct.

But before all that I have my cross race to do in a week and a half and that will consume me for the next few days.

That and my new bike. I want to go back to Marquette now…..


Wa da ya think?

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