Trek Farley 9.8 New Bike Day!


After all these years I still get excited. I guess that means I’m still good to go in this industry for a few more years. Once I stop caring I will quit. But not today. New bike day. New fat bike day!

I got in on the first wave of Trek’s new Farley 9.8’s. Its pretty much ready to race out of the box. Carbon frame, components and wheels. The component  group is second to none but lets talk about the rims for a sec…


Those who know me know I think the 27.5 mtb wheel is weird. Im sure its better in some circumstances. A smaller hoop changes direction quicker and accelerates faster. But a bigger hoop holds momentum longer and rolls over stuff better based on angles. Thats been set in stone. All the highest end XC race bikes are mostly 29er now.

So now Trek has increased the fat bike wheel from 26 to 27.5. So in this application the 27.5 is a step bigger, not a step smaller. And for all the same reasons the 29er rolls better than a 26 in MTB’s, that same scenario will play out here. And as in last years Trek Jackalope wheels, these new Wampa carbons mounted up tubeless so easy you can do it with a floor pump. No getto tubeless taping here.

This bike is meant to be raced. Its for sure a great bike to ride anytime but it’s going to be a rocket on the groomed trail races this winter. This taller wheel will roll like crazy on those smooth fast surfaces.

And if and when they make a taller wheel, I’ll be on that also. I put 29+ on my fat bikes three years ago and love it to this day. I have a awesome 29+ wheelset for the 9.8 as we speak. But I’m not sure I will use them. They are not that much taller than the 27.5 by 4. And the 27.5’s are carbon and almost the same weight. So I have a decision to make in that regards. Tonite I will ride the bike with the fat tires and make my decision. I just might run the fats and sell the new Stans Hugo 29+ wheels before I even use them.


Heres all the stuff. The Bluto fork will go on before I ever ride it. Im just too old and rickety to go full rigid. At least in the summer. Maybe once its full blown winter riding I’ll put that super light carbon fork back on. But for now its a suspension fork for this guy. With remote lock out no less.

This type of bike will be my MTB from now on. In my racing retirement I see no need to get the lightest fastest XC rig. But rather, the lightest fastest fat bike.

First ride is tonite. Bluto is on the bike. Report tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Trek Farley 9.8 New Bike Day!

  1. I just ordered one of these! I was waiting to see what Trek did for 2017 and I was not too excited by the new color scheme – so I found a 2016 model and it’s on the way. I was most excited to see your comment on setting up tubeless with a floor pump. Are you serious? I setup tubeless on my Surly Pug Ops and let me tell you… without a compressor, there was no way in hades that was happening.

  2. Hi Dan – What tubeless valves did you use on the wampa wheels? I picked up a set of the Bontrager recommended valves but they are not threaded all the way to the base, and the wheel is not thick enough for the valve to be held in place by the nut on the outside.

    I used a Stans Notubes valve on the front wheel but sealant seems to leak out.

      1. Thanks Dan! WTB and Stans look identical, so maybe I just need to be patient with letting the sealant stand up before trying anything different.

      1. Last night I gave it a shot with the Bontrager valves and it was such a perfect fit that it held 20PSI over night without any sealant. I still plan to put some in, but I think I will stick with these valves. The unthreaded section was surprisingly not too long after all. That Wampa carbon is thick!

        This is the valve:

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