So I get to the park this morn only to find out I do not have a memory card in my camera. No pics today.

And that’s fine as I pretty much checked out anyway. Most of the day will be spent prepping for the weekend both in store and out. Off to the land of MTB’s and hockey.

I really haven’t been going up to Marquette very long. I think my first trip up there was for O2S in 2012. Staying just a day and a half. Two weeks later I was back for a couple more days and thats when I decided this was the town for me.

Its kinda weird… either your old and retired or young and going to college there. Not a lot in between as far as the locals. Its on a big lake, like where I live now. They get way more snow which I like and have a ore dock that takes in big ships, that are also one of my interests. The bike riding up there is phenomenal. Both in summer and now in winter with the snow bike route pretty much cutting edge. Really, this is where the groomed fat bike trails originated. At least a system that size.

Watch the big ships come in.

I started by maybe two summer visits per year, then two years ago throw in a winter visit with the fat bikes. This winter I want to make it two fat bike visits.

January 2014

Being a winter kind of guy I could retire up there. Even in the summer there’s a hint of winter. So really, its just one big playground 4 seasons of the year.

Im not so sure about making a living up here. I mean, if you just packed up and drove up here to live without a plan it might be tough. No real industry besides the ore mines. In summer Im sure there are small jobs with this being a college town. I know of many who came here for the school and really never left. Some anyway.

Ore dock that ships pull up to.

So I leave in the morning. I’ll be driving this time tomorrow so no post until Monday. A ton of Facebook stuff for sure. I gatta let everyone working know Im blasting the south trails of Marquette.

Im riding the borrowed Farley 8. I could have borrowed a friend’s Borealis with 29+ wheels but I think the Farley will do fine. I bigger tires just might save me at some point.

I really do wish I had the Stache which was made for trails this those. But, things happen fast sometimes. If someone has the money and is buying I guess Im selling. Again, the fatbike will do just fine.

Im scrambling to make sure I have all I need for 3 days of camping. Im sure I’ll forget something and if i really need it I’ll buy it up there….

Talk Monday. Have a good weekend.


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