Panoramic shots fit well in this blog. I can only imagine how many pics I’ll get up in Marquette this weekend. 2 days and counting till lift off. Today when I get home I’ll actually pitch my new tent to see how its done. I have yet to take it out of the bag to even look at it. Thats sad.

I still hold out hope for a small tour. The weekend after my cross race is my next target weekend. Sept 19\20. The weekend of the Shuammy 40 MTB race. I might go up just to hang out. Maybe I’ll have me a small tour. So many options. I’m so getting ahead of myself.

I haven’t left for Marquette yet and Im thinking about Hayward in three weeks. This was to be my year for Interbike ( I go every other year) but its just not to be. So the year I don’t do Interbike I head up to that race in Hayward.

Working in a bike store you need to make a lifestyle of getting ahead of yourself. By mid winter, you need to think summer. By mid summer you need to think winter.  With all the fatbikes arriving Im getting pretty pumped for snow already. I cant help it. When I get back from Marquette I’ll get my winter ski and snowshoe order in. First pre order always light. Then when I see snow I’ll order more. In fact many clothing companies are asking me for a 2016 summer preseason order. For crying out loud i still have my 2015 summer stuff still on the floor and you want to to order more today?

So you kinda can see how I can post all the wishing for winter when thats really the mode I am in. Summer store stock is being reduced so ordering is low in that respect. Just the essentials.

And there’s still plenty of summer riding to do yet. In fact I get my most riding in during the fall. Which is one of my favorite times of the year. MTB rides when the leaves are turned is the best. And again with that statement I am again getting ahead of myself.

2nd pic this morn 840am

I need to concentrate on this weekend which is a task. Besides all the usual stuff I need to remember what I need for camping. Its been awhile. The last time I “car” camped was one nite in 2012. Before that it was 2009. So Im not that experienced in it. But I’ll make due. I hope to get three days of riding up there. One ride on Friday, two on Saturday and one more Sunday morn. In a perfect world.

So today and tomorrow I will be working ahead in the store. Both for the weekend and for winter.


Wa da ya think?

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