Expensive Toys


Another cold(er) morning. I hope the temps rise a bit for the camping up in Marquette. Weather dudes are calling for rain all day and nite on Friday. I was actually thinking of going up Thursday nite but I think its going to be Friday morn now. I’ll try to not say too much about it here today. Im having a tough time concentrating at work the way it is.

Today my 29+ wheels will arrive. Im second guessing those.

Because Treks Farley 9.8 comes with carbon wheels. 27.5 by 4in. That should in fact come close to the diameter of a 29+ tire and wheel. And while the tires are a bit heavier the wheels should come in lighter. Even lighter than the 29+ set I had built that is 50 mil wide. So for summer riding should I just keep the stock carbon wheels? Maybe.

I guess I could just well the 29+ set. But I’ll make that call when all the stuff is in front of me. Wheels arriving today. Bluto fork tomorrow.


As for the Bluto, I’ll put it on until full on winter, then put the rigid back on for groomed trail riding and racing. As much as people say they don’t need a suspension fork on their fatbike, it sure makes the bike super summer friendly. Especially for old guys with bad backs like me.

My Farley is looking to be an expensive toy. Retailing at almost $5K, throw in the fork and its a pricey for sure. Even on a demo program.

And I just might one up that. I have a Farley 9.8 frameset due in Oct. I would much rather build a bike than ride a stock one. And I have visions of Shimano 1X11 Di2 dancing in my head. That would push the retail value well over $6k closing in on $7k.

Thats nuts!

And awesome at the same time.

Time will tell.


Wa da ya think?

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