Content here has been hurting of late. You can always tell when I don’t do much besides work. Nothing to write about. Last week was my lowest ride time week of the summer. Under two hours in 7 days. And I noticed it a ton. This will soon change. After Labor Day, the store will open an hour later and be closed Sundays. I’ll call this the close of a very successful summer season and hope it continues into the fall.

This weekend I was not feeling the best and did not sleep well and it knocked me out for several days. I didn’t ride Saturday morn for the first time this summer. And nothing on Sunday either.

Back on a Farley 8. For a while.

Im feeling better today and will plan on the Tuesday MTB ride tomorrow. And once again I’m on a borrowed bike. The dude who bought my Stache could not wait any longer so he cut me a deal. He borrowed me his Farley 8 to ride and took the Stache yesterday. So now I’m on borrowed bikes both on the road and in the woods. Cripes.

That means I’ll be taking the Farley to Marquette Friday. Which is just fine. But I really wanted to ride that Stache on the South trail with that dropper post. Ive never used one of those in my life and was looking forward to it. In the back of my mind I should have kept the bike but the guy had a race to do that same weekend and really wanted it for that.

So I guess I’ll never know what a dropper post can do just before I’m being catapulted over the handlebars. Maybe some other time..

So, today my mind shifts to next weekend. Marquette, MI. I just found out this morn that I will have the store covered on Friday thru Sunday so it looks I will be leaving Friday morn. Only my second time this summer with a few days off.

This next weekend will consume me the next four days. Im pretty excited. Rest assured I’ll talk about it way too much here.

So the Farley he borrowed me is the same size that mine was last year. So it should be just fine. Looking at it, only seat height will need to be changed. he does have a shorter stem on this bike but that’s OK considering the drops I will try and do on those trails. The bike is actually in great shape. Almost looks un ridden. I’ll tune it in tomorrow nite.

In the back of my mind Im wondering if my new Farley would make it here. I have the Bluto fork arriving Wednesday and I think the 29+ wheels will be here by then too. How crazy would it be to build that bike late Thursday to leave Friday morn….

But… I can only speculate and will not plan on it. For now I’ll just ride the borrowed bikes….


Wa da ya think?

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