Come And Go


I miss this bike.

To the point that I might build another one just like it.

You dont know what you’ve got till its gone.

In the past I have commented on the fact that I don’t own a bike anymore. And while its hard to understand for some. and while it might not bother others its an issue I deal with.

No bike is really mine. Its a demo that I have to give up at some point. And I do have to sell them to pay for them. Its not like a bike on the floor, its a bike that been used. So to hang on to it too long does not make business sense. Because bikes are now a business to me. And a hobby.

So there are times I have to sell a bike not when Im ready but when someone wants to buy. And sometimes its just too soon for my liking but it has to be done. So for the rest of this year I am roadbikeless (one word). Good friend Steve D stepped up and borrowed me one of his bikes for the remainder of the year.

Last week I sold my 29+ Stashe and I have about two more weeks on it. As I stated in the last two posts Im not too worried about that with the fat bike imminent.

But I really liked my road Boone and could have rode that one well into fall. Next road bike will of course be a custom build. Either another Boone or a Domane. Disc brake for sure. And Im not ruling out a one by again but it might be Di2.

Not sure why Im talking about this now. I just came across a pic of the Boone and just thought I really liked it.

Its Friday and not much going on. I should have rode this morn but didn’t have the time to plan it. I will ride in the morn tho. Road bike. In fact I might just ride home from work tonite, and back again in the morn. Crazy how two days ago it was too warm to ride and this morn I would had used armwarmers. Mid 40’s.

Sunday looks like rain but if not another ride after work. Then, after the weekend I start the countdown to Marquette. Will try to leave Thursday, but most likely Friday, and could first be Saturday morn. Will see how the week go’s.

Have a good weekend. Get outside.


One thought on “Come And Go

  1. I believe that cycling as said in the article is a nice way not only to keep us fit but also to protect our climate. People can easily do errands and travel different places. No more asking for rides! People can be independent. I love the fact that cyling is not just about getting to a certain place but also a great way to form a bond with people in our communities.

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