More Fat


Its getting closer to fall (my fav time of year) and some of the Great Lakes ships will be running our side of the lake soon. However, thats not one of them. Its just a weird looking barge.

Summer Fat!

Today Im receiving a few more fat bikes from Trek. I have 6 Farley 5’s in house. I have 4 Farley 7’s arriving today. I like these bikes a lot. One by drive, carbon fork and a cool purple. The theme here is that I waited too long last year and was left out in the cold. I may make mistakes but I don’t make them twice and I am stocking up now. Just yesterday I saw a Raleigh fat bike and hope to get a few of those for the floor too.

Sadly, I was going to wait and see but Felt’s fatbike fiasco last winter was disheartening and I will no longer be asking for those. Really, with Trek offering 5 distinct models this winter there really is no need to look around. Awesome bikes, great array of specs. I’m sounding like a commercial here. Sorry. I try not to do that here

But I just get a bit crazy when the fat bike stuff starts rolling in. The Farley 7’s are a full 10 days ahead of schedule. If that hold true my 9.8 will be here in a week! I have the 29+ wheels being built as we speak. Bluto fork w\remote lockout will be on order this week too. How crazy would it be to have that bike by Marquette on the 27th!

Very crazy!

Im still pretty pumped about that weekend. Even tho I will be suffering with the elevation. But the down always makes the suffering worth it there. There is not a lot of climbs that I’ll run a puker on but those I will.

Today I will get some work done on the cross race. Things are going well with that. When I get back from Marquette things will be full on in that respect until race day, Then after race day, I’ll be looking for some major time off….

To ride my new 29+ carbon fatbike.


Wa da ya think?

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