Fat Tuesdays

20150819_081017 (1)

A panoramic pic of my fav bench in the park. Did not spend a long time there this morn.

Yesterday was another instalment of the Tuesday MTB rides. Although I’m not so sure what to call it as we had 6 guys and 5 were on fatbikes. I’ve written many times on how these things are not for just winter anymore. Probably like 4 years ago.

But not of late as it seems things in the area are getting so mainstream that I would be stating the obvious. Ive been putting 29+ on my fat bikes for summer for 3 years with this year just getting a full on 29 plus Stache to ride this summer.

As we speak, the Stache is sold and my Farley 9.8 is stated to arrive on Sept 9th. And if history repeats, Treks always arrive a few days sooner than they say. So Im pretty excited about that too.

Today I am setting up a 29+ wheelset for the Farley. Remember I did that last year only to find the rear tire did not fit in the frame. Not this year. It fits fine. Game on.

Stans Hugo rims, Sapim spokes and DT Big Ride hubs. Rims black, spokes white. Gonna look fast!

And the 9.8 comes with a carbon rigid fork so Im slapping on a Bluto suspension right from the get go. Both fork and wheels will be here waiting when the bike arrives. And the day it gets here I will lock the door and not come out until its done (not really). But I cant wait!

These bikes are a blast in summer. I heard a statement that says it best: When on a fat bike in summer every corner has a berm. And that so true. Its like fool proof MTBing. If your skills in the woods are lacking the bigger tires make up for that. Yes, the wheels weigh more than a MTB. Yes, when you compare pure speed and acceleration the fatbike is slower. BUT, with the increased traction you can roll the corners faster. I’ve talked to many people who say they accelerate slower on the bike but their lap times are faster.

For me, I suck at both acceleration and climbing. So these bikes play into my strengths. Also, being a bigger guy I do have traction issues on the steep climbs on a MTB. I would be lumbering up in granny gear only to spin out and end the attempt. There is no spinning out on the fat bike. If your legs can turn the pedals you will climb.

Heres a fat bike rant from almost a year ago.

5 years ago there was a handful of us on fatbikes. We didn’t get ridiculed but almost. Today these things are mainstream and I want to say “told ya so” but I wont. I remember back then when someone said something about the weird bikes I would say “sooner or later you will have one”. And for the most part that’s true.

Personally Ive seen and rode them all. Skinny fat tires, fat fat tires, long chainstay, short chainstay, carbon aluminum frames and rigid to suspension forks. While there are a few models on the market, I’ve yet to ride a full suspension fat bike. But the second one is available to me I’m on it. That would be the one bike to rule them all.

So the fat fun starts for me in a few weeks. Bring on the snow!


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