For those of you who read this crap here you know I get a little excited about a few days off. Let alone a few days off to go to Marquette. Its 10 days away from today and most of what Im thinking about. I have a sale going on. I have a cross race to plan. And my mind can’t focus on any of it.

Sunrise in Marquette in January.

Almost like clockwork I book the campground yesterday and I got a call from a part timer ditching on a day Im gone. I dont care. I’ll close the damn store before I bail on this (not really).  LIke I said earlier my usual hotel punched their summer rates to up to $150. Its a good place to stay but not that good.

Here’s a post of a weekend in Marquette in 2012.

So I booked a campground and will be using my new tent finally! I have yet to take it out of the stuff sack yet. I will bring a bigger tent along just in case. Im not sure in case of what, just will have it. So Ive went from spending over $300 to be up there to about $40. Thats a no brainer I think. And the campground is a few hundred yards from the “north” trails. No car drive needed. Im excited to say the least.

Today is Tuesday and that means Tuesday MTB ride. It rained pretty good yesterday and with all the trees down will only be able to ride about 1\2 the trails but half is better than none. So I’ll give it a try. Unless it rains more before now and then. Then Im out.

I hope it does not rain.


Wa da ya think?

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