Feels Like Friday


My plate is full today. Lots to do. My list of things to do is almost down to the bottom of the page. Start from the top and work down.

I have a sale to set up. Treks summer sale is from the 20th to the 31st. I have to set up some print adds and get all social media ready. Thats a new one for bike stores. Social media. Now a big part of marketing. I’ve run some paid ads on Facebook but have yet to really see any results. So Im not sure if Im going to do that much.

I sometimes use the local paper, maybe twice a year. I try to put all the info on the web page then have everything else point to it. Again, not sure if that works the best but it makes sense.

Anyway, that’s on the table for today, no riding. Maybe a road ride in morn before store opens.

I think Im batting zero for this weekend. Ive ruled out a small tour. Every campground that I can ride to in one day is full. Since its flashback Thursday here is a post from August 2011 about a short weekend tour I took.

I think I just might hit up the local breakfast ride. Its been about 3 years since i did one of those and Im not sure I can anymore. The speeds are up and my speed is a little down. Thinking about it, that last one i did was in 2012.

I used to do these religiously for years. Even then I was the biggest guy there and needed a butt push up a hill now and then. But I would look forward to seeing the guys (and gals) again. If I cant keep up I know the way home. Thats Saturday, Sunday I’ll maybe open the store then leave for another longer ride or maybe a longer MTB ride. And cut the grass.

So even tho I have the store covered and have no where to go I’ll still not be there as much and more so on the bike and that’s still a good thing.

This sounds like a Friday post. And it might just be. If I ride in the morn I’ll pass on a post tomorrow. Unless Im really bored. Chances are I’ll take the posting day off and let you know how my kinda weekend off was on Monday.


Wa da ya think?

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