Pending Weekends\Race


The great weather just keeps rolling. Sun and summer temps. The nights are now dipping into the 50’s for temps and that’s just good sleeping weather. Great riding weather also. Last nite was the first Tuesday MTB ride of many for me. 4 fatbikes and 2 MTB’s showed up and it was a very nice time. I’ll say this a million times yet but I just dont know why I dont ride the MTB more. This will be my bike of choice from now on. Sure, I’ll road ride some too but Im on a borrowed bike and dont want to put too many miles on it.

Looking ahead, I have next weekend off and that weekend is still open, but I also have the 29\30th off and thats a plan to head up to Marquette for some trail riding. By this Friday I will know 100% if Im in and will book a room. That will kinda make up for missing Ore 2 Shore last week. I really hope that works out. I miss that place.

As for this weekend I’ll look into a small tour. Its hard on the weekend tho cuz it tough to get a campsite on a Fri\Sat nite. But the store is covered so I might as well go. I’ll sleep in the ditch (not really). I’ll see what I can book ahead and make that decision by tomorrow.

Back to the MTB. The 29+ Stache is a great bike for me. I dont notice the big wheels at all anymore. And I no longer go fast enough to notice its a hard tail although when these bikes come with more suspension Im on board with that. This bike will be for sale soon. Because…

My fatbike will be here in about 3 to 4 weeks. I need to prepare. First, I will build a 29+ wheelset, then I will order a Bluto fork and have both items ready to go when the bike gets here and include those items when I build it from the get go. Im pretty excited about that bike.

Yesterday I got my cross race permit and registration up and running. That is no easy feat. You practically need to hire a I.T. guy to set it up. But its done. I’ll be talking about the race a lot more but that’s for later. Its one month away and in two weeks that will be all I can think about. So I kinda wait to address that issue to keep the stress down.

No bike ride today. Its a work day. Like most days.


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