Another Day


Awesome morning. Here’s the one millionth pic of the lake from the same spot. The State park was not too busy today. I had some quality time on my bench this morn. Besides the biting flies that limited my time there. I hate those guys.

If you remember last year my fatbike sales was a disaster. I waited too long and could not get the bikes when I needed them. Fast forward to today. I learn from my mistakes. I have four Farley 5’s in house already with more to come. This fall I will be greedy and take all they will give me. As of today I have 17 pre ordered. Hope to get more if I can. I’ll take every bike they will ship me. Having some 2016 Farleys in house just gets me pumped for fall\winter.

Tonite is the first Tuesday MTB ride. Like I mentioned before I should have been riding this bike more and look forward to doing so. One of my upcoming weekends off might just be a quick trip up to Marquette. I wouldn’t mind going alone.

My pending weekends off are still in the planning stages. It looks like maybe a overniter this weekend on the tour bike and maybe the Marquette trip the 29\30th. Of course that might or will change but I’ll work that angle for now.

A little update on my new Garmin 25. That little thing does take some getting used to. But once used to the screen layout its fine. I like it. Again, it has just what I want to know and nothing else. And here’s a bonus, it automatically starts a new ride when you turn it off. No more riding for 10 minutes only to find you forgot to delete yesterday ride. Completely user friendly. Very accurate and hooks up to satellites in seconds. One thing tho… its small so you can lose it easier.

Fatbikes, cross country ski’s and snowshoes. In retail you always work ahead and sometimes that throws you. Im looking at all my fall\winter inventory this week. Crazy. Whats even more crazy? I have to put in my spring clothing pre order in a few days. Thats like 8 months out. That’s nuts. Manufactures are asking for pre orders earlier and earlier. Pretty soon they will want 2018’s preorder in 2016.

Thats about it for today.


Wa da ya think?

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