Monday Thoughts


All in all not a bad weekend considering I had to endure all the facebook posts from everyone up in  Marquette.

Saturday I had my usual morning ride before work that was pretty nice. I quick 20 miles. Worked alone Saturday and it was very manageable. I don’t complain about being busy but too busy for the amount of staff can be more bad than good. Saturday I grabbed the 920 for a ride home. Taking a bit of a tour of the city on my way.

I was in no hurry as my wife made plans to also be out of town last weekend knowing I was to be gone. But I wasnt and so was home alone, no hurry to get there. Then Sunday morn back to work was the same thing. I had help coming to the store so I again took my time riding in. A very nice hour ride around town using alleys and streets Ive never been on. Also a slow ride along the lakefront.

Then after work I again grabbed the MTB for ride number two. Another nice tool around the park with two others. Why did I not ride this bike more? I will be on it a few times a week now…

The Tuesday shop rides are now replaced with Tuesday MTB rides. Which will turn into Tuesday nite rides, which will again turn into Tuesday nite fatbike rides in winter.

Im getting pretty excited about this winter. A few of Treks fatbikes have shipped and I have a couple on the floor with more coming this week. My bike will be here in about a month. Then, I will sell my 29+ Stashe and go 29+ on the Farley. I cant wait!

Looking ahead for me, I see things slowing a bit in the store and I have gain another part timer. In fact I have the weekends of the 15\16 and 29\30 open right now. As in I don’t have to be here.

What to do?

Right now its a trip to Marquette and\or a tour up to Door County. Or both. Then after my cross race Sept 13th (more on the later) I will have more time. I had planned to hit up Interbike but today that looks like its not going to happen so I can use the time to maybe hit up Hayward,WI during the Chuammy 40?  I wont race but could just hang and ride the awesome CAMBA trails.

Ive been here at the store quite a bit this summer but I see some time off soon and that just lowers the stress levels and makes being here fun again.

I’ll start planning today!


Wa da ya think?

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