I had a great ride planned this morn but a terrible night’s sleep canceled that. Again a picture perfect morning. Looking at this mornings pic, all those black dots are dragonflies. Millions of them. I stopped to watch them awhile and was amazed that they never run into each other. Or maybe they do and I can’t see it.

My disastrous summer help took yet another bad turn. Having another part timer’s hours needing to be cut way back due to some personal stuff. That pretty much ends my chances of any real time off until things slow. Including Interbike\Crossvegas in Sept. Im a bit bummed but really nothing I can do about it. Its all part of the bike store experience I guess. Working with part timers has advantages and disadvantages.

Im pretty sure I will get some time away. I just need to be patient. Just a change in plans.

Tomorrow I’ll get out on the bike before the store opens, Sunday Im alone at work but will plan a long ride home after at 2pm.

Now that the tour bike is done and ready my thoughts turn to the MTB. I’ll start riding that more soon too.

Thats about it heading into the weekend. Get outside.


Wa da ya think?

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