Old Is New Again


These mornings are the kind that make you want to get up early. Picture perfect weather. Had a great walk on the beach this morn. Great visit to the park. The kind of morning that makes me hate to go into work.

And I had to go in early as Im the only one here until 2pm so I need to stay ahead of the game having both a bike and accessories order to get in pronto before the door opens.

I had a pretty good riding weekend with Saturday just 20 miles before work but Sunday I got out early to lay down nearly 50.

One of the reasons I gave up my Boone early is that good friend Steve D borrowed me his bike to ride for awhile. And not just any bike but my past 2013 demo Felt F1. Its not often someone borrows me a $10K bike.

We meet again.

Saturday was the first ride on it. I switched out bars as the stock bars have just a too low of drop and the short headtube was going to take a getting used to. The first 20 miles on it felt awkward compared to the Boone geometry. Every point of contact on the bike was different. To minimize the seat\bar drop I tried to ride with the seat a bit lower than norm but that was not working. I could even feel the longer crank arms as I only run 170’s on bikes I build. So nothing was the same and it felt that way. Saturday was a shake down for sure.

Getting back to the store I changed as much as I could moving the seat in two directions. which is about all I could do without buying parts.

But on Sunday it felt much better. Either from the adjustments or just my body getting used to the position. In fact it felt pretty good. Its crazy how at first a different bike feels but after time your body makes the changes to accomodate. Despite the lower bar drop my neck and hands felt just fine most likely due to the shorter stem\cockpit compared to the Boone. Seatpost to steer tube is almost a centimeter shorter and probably helped with the lower bars on that bike.

Its just does not get any better than DA Di2. Im back on electronic. Not sure if you’re liking your new Di2? Ride a cable bike for a few months and then go back. Its like the first time all over again.

But I will say this. If I were to run a 1 by 11 road bike again the effects of the superior Di2 drive is not as noticeable. Without having to move a chainring the Di2 advantage is not as great. While it’s still better the advantage is less. Maybe not worth the cost if on a 1X11? Not sure. Just sayin’ with less shifting its less noticeable.

I will also say I enjoyed the increase in ratios. I really felt faster on the F1 than the Boone. I has several pulles Sunday with extended 20+mph segments. If I had to say, I would say yes, on the road I was faster on the F1 than the Boone.

Could be for any reason. The bike is almost 2 pounds lighter. I had more gear ratios to play with. The bike’s geometry is was different. I sit on the bike differently than the Boone. Maybe I just got a good nites sleep before the ride. Who knows. Maybe I was no faster but felt faster. Our average mph on the ride was down but we goofed off a lot so thats no comparison.

But anyway, you have to remember the Boone is not built for road riding and it’s not comparing apples to apples. But it makes me rethink what I want to do for a road bike next year. I sure could use all the help I can get in that respect.

One thing I do miss about the Boone is the brakes. I miss them a lot. Its back to a crapshoot if I stop on a downhill stop sign again. Wow, what a difference good brakes make. You just have less to think about when you have confidence you can stop quickly. I will get some new pads for the F1 and hope that helps.

So for next year I want a new aero Madone 9.9 with disk brakes. I’ll test the prototype if they ask.

In a perfect world.


Wa da ya think?

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