I hate goodbyes.

Sailboat photobomb.

Yesterday was my last ride on the Boone. It is gone. I really liked the way that disk braked, one by eleven, road bike that was really a cross bike turned out. Perfect colors that matched every piece of clothing I own. Even the glasses you see on the seat.

I rode it home Wednesday nite, then put in about 40 more miles on it Thursday morn. The new owner will ride it as is, then put some cross tires on it and race it a few times too.

Everything about that bike worked out. I may have complained about the lack of gear ratios but I got used to that. And you never noticed it alone, just in a group. The disk brakes for a guy my size is almost a necessity. If I have a choice I will always try to build a disk bike from now on.

20150723_103848 (1)

During the last ride I may or may not have broke a few laws.

I was not planning on giving the bike up until the last minute but my good friend Steve D offered up his Felt F1 that was mine back in 2013. DA Di2. A bike that retailed for 10k at the time. Super light. Like 14 pounds without pedals.

So I still have a bike to finish out the summer with.The bike is here in store and Im fitting it (back) to me today, hopefully a ride in the morn. So I lost a new bike and am getting back a old one.

And having a bike to ride lets me take my time pondering my next move. So many possibilities. Im thinking a disk Domane with Di2 1X11. How cool would that be. Or maybe another Boone build. Or……

Today is Friday and I have a lot of work to do in the store so I came extra early. I actually have a set of Tubulars to glue today. Its been awhile since. Its a three day project and today is the final gluing and mounting. Always good for a little swearing. Most of the time I ruin a good shirt with glue. But its all part of the experience. Soon I will have a few cross wheels to do, this set today is for a tri guy.

The weekend looks OK for riding, with Sunday being the best shot at a long one. If I get the Felt done. If not then it just might be a day in the woods. Which is not a bad thing.

Either way, I’ll get outside. You should too. Have a good weekend.


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