Summer Game On


Yet another glorious morning. Id have to say summer is here. Being along the lake our temps are pretty much cooler than inland and spring and summer are always late here. Its the end of July and summer is now here. The step out of the house early in the morn without a jacket summer. So its pretty much game on now. Until the snow flies (then its even more game on).

The park visit was great this morn, I had my bench to myself, the sun was out and these three Herons flew by. They fly so low to the water but their wing tips never touch. Pretty cool.

Last nites shop ride was nice. 6 bikes and a 17+mph average. I’ll take that after some time off the bike. It was probably the warmest ride so far this summer and I got a bit dehydrated and did not feel so good after. I am the worst with drinking and always get into trouble that way. It was also the longest ride at almost 40 miles.

Ive mostly put on white bar tape on my road bikes. Heck, MTB too. A lot of people wont cuz they say it get too dirty looking and I agree, if you let it.. But you just need to put in the time to clean them.

Tragedy from last nite.

Last nite I must have gotten some grease on my gloves and this happens. This is the third time with the same hand on the same bike. Not sure where the grease came form each time? I keep thinking the shifter but I can’t find the culprit. I’ll get this cleaned up pronto. And will continue the white tape.

Last night’s ride makes me want to keep the Maboone a little longer.  In fact, I ordered a new Madone. And was told the wait time is now November. They need to make them faster.

But before I would take that bike into the store I want to see what Trek does with the Domane and disk brakes. Hoping a Project bike is available in that genre. That would be my first choice.


Wa da ya think?

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