Perfect Weather


Such a nice morning. Wish I could have planned a ride. But I open alone today so no pre work shenanigans. Except a brief stint on my bench in the park. Again, its a awesome morning.

As stated yesterday, my focus now turns to the touring part of my summer. So I have been putting in some thought and planning. The more I think and plan, the less chance of my big lake tour happening. Its just two and a half weeks away and it looks like I have no weekend help. At best, a few days during the week. So gone is the ride to\from Marquette and now Im looking at a ride up to Door County which is pleasant in itself. I could leave a Sunday at 2pm after work and maybe stay away until Thursday? Something like that. I will for sure keep trying to put together the Marquette weekend but wont push it. Depending on work coverage I might just head up to Marquette for a couple days with the car to ride a little over O2S weekend. But won’t race. Im retired.

It took awhile but I figured this out.

Perfect bottle spacing

The 920 had some strange bottle spacing. I tried many different configurations including trying out a Salsa Anything cage to put stuff in. But I nailed it. The top downtube is a sidewinder cage. Loads from the side so I can use a bigger bottle. The lower is a normal cage and the seat tube is a Topeak Modula cage that’s adjustable and fits a lot of bottles including my coffee. How perfect. Sometimes you just have to think about something a long time before you come up with the perfect solution. And this is. So things get closer to a bike vacation everyday. I don’t care where. As long as I can. More later as it develops.

I have dated my Maboone. It will leave me Friday Aug 7th. AFter that date I will not have a road bike at all. I’ll have Pinky in cross mode, my tour bike and my MTB (soon to be fatbike). I have the Tuesday nite road ride from the store tonite and will do them until the Maboone is gone. Then, its Tuesday nite MTB’s. Im sure I’ll strip the 920 of its bags and ride that to the park a few times, but no group roads rides on that beast. Which is fine by me. Im a loner, a rebel.

Get outside and enjoy this weather. It will be snowing before you know it, which is also fine by me.


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